Wedding announcements

We have known it for a long time.
Wedding announcements are an important part of the wedding process: they are highly symbolic, but may be complicated as well.

Antica Tipografia Biagini’s characteristic feature is that of granting all our works an “exclusive mark”, a real touch of customization. We print with mobile zync types on high quality and prestigious paper. We emboss and/or overprint monograms using a “Boston” printing machine dated 1850. But, above all, we offer continuous assistance all through the job, from the very first meeting to the presentation of drafts, up to actual printing.

Our goal being to contribute to make a couple’s dreams come true, we strive to empathycally tune with your personal style. A fundamental role in our team is played by graphic designer Stefano Citti, who combines our extensive archive of images with his significant experience and creativity. The result is a thorough communication line able to convey your joyful feelings to relatives, friends and guests; or the creation of your personal monogram that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


“Handmade and Customized” are not just idiomatic expressions for us: at Antica Tipografia Biagini you’ll find people willing to listen, suggest and make available their own experience to help you through in each single decision.

Details are what makes the difference. This means to choose a special type from the 50’s just because it perfectly matches a handmade “Amalfi” paper, or to create a particular shade of ink specifically for you, as on a painter’s palette. Or we can go as far as having your announcements printed with your own handwriting.

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The choice of papers we offer is top quality and extremely varied, also including prestigious papers with a high content in cotton; we have a large variety of mobile zync types, from the 30’s up to contemporary styles.

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Please contact us for a free of charge estimate. We’ll be proud to show you the difference between digitally printed wedding announcements and fully customized, typographically printed ones – incomparable! You’ll be surprised – all the more so when you realise that all this is affordable too.

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Please come in and enjoy; we are looking forward to welcoming you.