The bookbinding art

The bookbinding art, or the art of covering books in order to protect them from the wear and tear of time, has been a fashionable activity since the Renaissance. Adorned covers would make it more agreeable to handle books, not just for reading, but also to the touch and at the sight.
Actually, it was in this very period that bookbinding reached its utmost splendour, especially in Italy and particularly for sacred works.

Our bookbindery executes a large variety of works: from hand-binding, suitable for prestigious books or important publications that demand a high level of aesthetical features, to more ordinary products, categorised as modern bookbinding.
Here with us you can decide what kind of binding suits you most, choosing among the many we can suggest, and selecting the features and the quality you prefer in terms of cover and paper.

Since at Antica Tipografia Biagini we print typographically, it’s natural for us to hand-bind also the booklets that are part of our overall Wedding Communication, such as Per Nozze, Per Messa and Menus, as well as, of course, the very few, selected publications edited by Edizioni Biagini.

Within the binding activities carried out at Antica Tipografia Biagini, we specialise at:

  • Restoration of antique books and prints
  • Leather and parchment book-binding
  • Antique or modern style book-binding, also in textile
  • Book-binding with golden garnish
  • Leather covers for tables and writing desks with golden garnish
  • Customised guest books and menus in leather with golden garnish
  • Binding of Notarial acts
  • Binding of graduation theses
  • Photographic albums and guest books

In particular, since 1960 “Edizioni Biagini per il notariato” has specialized in supplying any kind of services for Notaries and Lawyers.