Edizioni Biagini

Since the fifties Edizioni Biagini have been using typographic machines “Nebiolo Super Egeria 1960” and “Heidelberg Classic 1951” to print books.

We still print typographically as would be done in times gone by.
Book covers may be printed typographically using mobile zync types, whereas text is treated digitally. Our customers may take advantage of Stefano Citti’s advice, our graphic designer, an expert in this kind of works.

The use of mobile types adds an altogether unique flavour and colour to our books.
As a matter of fact, type pressure on high quality paper makes the book you‘ve always dreamed to print more alive and elegant.

Print your memories, let them live forever! Create an astonishing effect printing the diary of your life with your own handwriting.

Handmade books

Look at the video in order to appreciate Edizioni Biagini’s printing technique.