Business cards letterheads

My maestro Gino Biagini would always tell me that

“using an ugly visit card is like the first date at a dreary hotel“.

In these times when one’s personality may itself be digitalised, there are people, like our customers, who choose to recover the taste and stylishness of using refined artisanal visit cards to introduce themselves; cards may be customized through embossing techniques or prestigious papers, they may be different in styles, colours and patterns, but they will always be of the highest quality. Come in or call us: be sure that, among our many mobile types, some of which from the last century, we’ll find those that best represent you. Or, we will create them for you.

In devising your custom-made visit card or stationery, you’ll be helped by Stefano, our very experienced graphic designer, and by Antonio, one of the last typographers, a master in hand-composition. And, it goes without saying, by myself who am a convinced lover of the world of words.


We have been doing it for 50 years now and for very important celebrities, both Italian and from all over the world.

We did it for performers Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, Mario Cuomo, former Major of NY City, Riccardo Muti, world famous conductor, and Oliviero Toscani, a biting photographer and graphic designer of very aggressive ad campaigns: they are some of our customers, whom we had the pleasure of working with.

Our embossed and overprinted monograms, specially created for each one of our customers, are among our best hits.

Oliviero Toscani


Works may be ordered also by mail and delivered weekly all over the world..

Matteo Valesi