Bookplates for children

After nearly 60 years of Ex Libris and Ex Musicis creation, Stefano Citti, the graphic designer, and myself decided to use this art, handed down by Maestro Biagini, to create an Ex Libris for Kids. For the children to whom it’s dedicated, Ex Libris for Kids is both a little gift and a little serious proposal.

It’s a game because kids enjoy sticking on their books the funny images they’ve chosen or created. But it is a serious matter as well, because the Ex Libris for kids is also there to unpretentiously explain our children that all their books do have a value, that they must be preserved and kept in order as all their other toys (or even better so!) and that customizing them is a way of loving them.

The story is also that, every time they stick an Ex Libris for Kids on a new book’s front page, their library grows, and they can mark their new books with the date and the name of the person who gave it to them.

We study images inspired by children’s inventive world, we transfer them into patterns that, through a zinc plate, are typographically printed on high quality adhesive paper and collected into small handmade paper boxes.

Matteo Valesi.